Joanna Fischer & the Golden Idol - by Daniel Bell & Arthur J. Whelan

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London, 1912, a time of peace and prosperity, where new ideas and technologies expand the world in bold new ways. But beneath the sheen and veneer of this city, a long-forgotten horror clashes with a modern world on the brink of absolute devastation.

Joanna Fischer, professor at The Miskatonic University and occult specialist, finds herself acting as a consultant on a series of gruesome murders that have shocked the tranquillity of London society. Under the watchful eye of a begrudging Chief Inspector, Joanna and her police liaison, the thoroughly modern Constable Gerts, undertake an avenue of investigation not previously considered by London’s finest.

Facing obstacles at every turn owing to her gender, strange methods and even stranger ideas, Joanna finds sense in a series of disparate clues and uncovers a conspiracy of monsters in the heart of London...

The Golden Idol is a 52 page, hand-painted, one-shot adventure graphic novel that will appeal to fans of Lovecraftian lore while being entirely accessible to those who don't know their Cthulhu's from their fhtagn's!

Daniel successfully funded the production of the book through Kickstarter and printed it in the UK in late 2021.

The Creators:

Joanna Fischer & the Golden Idol is written by Daniel Bell and illustrated by Arthur J. Whelan.

Daniel Bell is a writer and artist from Brighton, UK. Daniel's other credits include the well-received folk horror one-shot 'The Ferryman' and the epic Viking saga 'Defiant! The Legend of Brithnoth' from Time Bomb comics.

Arthur J. Whelan is a New Zealand based illustrator whose previous credits include 'The Visit of the Spanish Lady' and various one-shots such as 'Graffiti Panda'. Combining traditional methods with digital editing, Arthur uses pen & ink and watercolours to produce sequential art that is both expressive and dynamic.


Joanna Fischer & the Golden Idol is copyright © 2021 Daniel Bell and Arthur J. Whelan.
ISBN Paperback: 978-0-473-54914-5
*Content features horror images, and may not be suitable for children.