Funtime Comics & Art Zine Presents Tales from Pandemia #33


Comics inspired by the global coronavirus pandemic.That our 2020 issue of Funtime Comics should be focused around Covid-19 was a no brainer. A year plagued by the virus, panic, loss, lockdowns, mis-information, conspiracies and economic crisis brought on by the pandemic has turned the world on its head. Crisis brings out the best and worst of humanity - but it's creatives that tackle these issues through their creative expression that can help us through uncertainty.

Featuring the work of:

Richard Clinghan
Alex Hallatt
Ryan Scott
Henry Sunderland
Arcadio Esquivel Mayorga
David Robertson
Aaron Christiansen
Jared Lane
Sarah Laing
Jay Skelton
Brendon Wright
Zak Waipara
Tony Scanlan
Karen Phelps
Bob Gibbons
Paul Terpstra
Shaun Garea
Brent Willis
Eddie Monotone
Arthur Whelan
Simon Fletcher

Cover illustration by Richard Clinghan, Copyright © 2020.
Cover colouring, and inside cover splash art by Eddie Monotone, www.edmocentral.com, Copyright © 2020. 
Released October 2020.
Published by Funtime Comics Collective, Copyright © 2020.
ISBN 978-0-473-54836-0 (Paperback)
Full colour, perfect bound, 76 pages, matt laminated cover, 260x200mm, spine 5mm.*Some content not suitable for children.